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Clinton, Trump agree to square off at a ‘commander-in-chief forum’ next month
By John Wagner August 18 at 10:27 PM

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are scheduled to appear on the same stage early next month at a “commander-in-chief forum” devoted to national security, military affairs and veterans issues.

The Democratic and Republican presidential nominees will appear back-to-back Sept. 7 in New York at an event sponsored by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and broadcast live in primetime on NBC and MSNBC, the sponsors announced Thursday. ...

😆 con ... moderatore/i, il terzo incomodo?! Assange, Snowden ... I tre moschettieri! Chi meglio se n'è intende oggigiorno di sicurezza nazionale 😆

United States presidential election debates, 2012
The bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) held four debates for the 2012 U.S. ... Only Obama and Romney also satisfy the third criterion of averaging 15% in five selected national polls and thus are the only two to appear in ...,_2012