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La guerra in Libia non è ancora finita

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La resistenza continua in Libia, si continuano a registrare attacchi dell'esercito libico contro i ribelli e la NATO a Tripoli.


Reallly heavy shooting in tripoli tonight. libya. Days are relatively good in here but things go bad. at night.

A ship carrying ammunition for the Libyan rebels fighting for control of the coastal road, west of Tripoli to the Tunisian border, blew up on Saturday at Zuwara port.

A huge plume of smoke could be seen rising over the town and smoke was billowing from the burning ship behind a sea breakwater at the port. - Reuters

Una nave carica di armi per i ribelli fatta saltare nel porto di Zuwarah. Ma la NATO non stava pattugliando le coste della Libia per imporre l'embargo di armi come previsto da una risoluzione ONU?

The influential Libyan tribe of a slain rebel army commander vowed on Saturday to take justice into their own hands if rebel leaders do not release the results of an investigation into his death by the end of Ramadan.

Abdel Fattah Younes, the interior minister under Muammar Gaddafi who defected near the outset of Libya's six-month uprising, was killed on July 28 after rebel leaders summoned him for questioning, infuriating members of his family and tribe.

"After Eid, that is the final deadline," Tarek, one of Younes' sons said in an interview at the family's Benghazi compound. He did not say exactly what the tribe intended to do if the results were not released.

The rebel leadership council's chief, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, told reporters on Wednesday authorities would arrest the suspected killers "when the higher interests of this revolution will not be damaged", stoking anger among Younes supporters.

The murder has presented a steep test to the insurgents' nascent National Transitional Council as it tries to set up a credible justice system and sidestep tribal fault lines that could further destabilise the war-battered and heavily-armed

Members of Younes' family, who blame Islamist militants for his death, said the council's failure to hold the suspected killers to account would suggest rebel leadership was infiltrated by "radicals" with a "hidden agenda".

"We need to prevent the tyranny of Gaddafi turning into the tyranny of those ideological groups," said Mohammed Hamid, Younes' nephew. "There are those who want the country to be run by militias like Afghanistan."

Younes' Obeidat tribe and its allies had promised to join the "front lines" against those accused of the crime if the council does not release the names of the suspects, he added. - Reuters

Il fronte dei ribelli comincia a spaccarsi, la tribù degli Obeidi, a cui apparteneva il generale Younus ucciso dai ribelli, ha minacciato di farsi giustizia con le proprie mani se non saranno individuati e puniti i colpevoli di quell'omicidio entro pochi giorni.

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speriamo bene!! Dai lealisti ! W la Libia della Jamahiriya!